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Social Intranet: Yammer and SharePoint Integrations

by This is post contains the code snippets shown during a Smarter SharePoint user group persentation. Event info: June 28 meeting – Integrating Yammer & SharePoint Online to Drive Adoption Download HTML Source Text File for Yammer Embeds Yammer Embed

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Automatically resize SharePoint App Parts Iframe in AngularJS

by The Problem: Iframes do not resize height or width automatically Regardless of the hosting type of your SharePoint app (SharePoint Hosted or Provider Hosted), when using App Parts, the SharePoint’s host web site will display your app content/page inside an iframe.

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Introducing Slack API for AngularJS – SharePoint App Coming soon

by Code Download: Hello there, WOW, It has been a while since last time I wrote a post here. I am literally slacking (pun intended). By now I hope you have already heard about Slack. This nifty tool, in my opinion

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