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SharePoint 2013 Apps Limitations, Disadvantages and Budget Considerations

by In this post I am not going to go in detail of any App Model pros, there is plenty of bias content from Microsoft on the web. It is not secret they are almost forcing people into the cloud

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Presentation: Responsive Web Design and SharePoint 2013 2010 Mobile Features

by Embedded below you should find my latest presentation at the Smarter SharePoint – Kansas City User Group meeting. This time I had the pleasure to talk about SharePoint mobile features (Device Channels, Image Renditions and OOTB Mobile Views), and

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Slides from my Branding Presentation at Smarter SharePoint KC Users Group

by I had the pleasure to be the first presenter at the meeting kickoff of the new Kansas City SharePoint Users Group. The gathering had a great turnout and hopefully everyone got a good introduction to the new SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013 Branding – Design Manager: HTML to Master Page

by So, what’s all the buzz about the new SharePoint 2013 Design Manager about? Well, this is a big time saver for anyone doing SharePoint Branding or UI design. Basically, Design Manager allows you to convert an.html file into a

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SharePoint 2013 Branding – Composed Looks Overview

by In this article I will show you how to use the Composed Looks and Theme Galleries in SharePoint 2013. Composed Looks is the simplest, yet slickest feature you can use to start your branding efforts in 2013. “Looks” are

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SharePoint 2013 Licensing Resources

by Are you struggling to understand SharePoint licensing costs? If your answer is yes, look at the links below. These resources should help you answer questions such as: – What features of SharePoint does my company need? – What does

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