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SharePoint Responsive List – Mobile View Plus Headers

by In a previous post I showed how to make a SharePoint discussion board list more mobile friendly by using only CSS.  That approach hides the list header which works fine for a discussion board but not for any SharePoint list.

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SharePoint 2010 Search Ranking Model and 2013 Results Relevance

Document Search Magnifying Glass

by “In this post, without getting too technical, I overview how SharePoint’s Search Ranking Model works and what can be customized to improve results relevance” Just another Monday as a SharePoint developer, this time I found myself researching about OOTB

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SharePoint Responsive List Example + Media Query CSS

by With all the buzz about responsive design, guys working on SharePoint 2010 projects were feeling left out. Sure, there’s a lot of hype about implementing mobile strategy for CMS like SharePoint 2013 and Sitecore, but what if you have

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