Introducing Slack API for AngularJS – SharePoint App Coming soon

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Code Download:

Hello there,

WOW, It has been a while since last time I wrote a post here. I am literally slacking (pun intended). By now I hope you have already heard about Slack. This nifty tool, in my opinion is the best one out there for team communication. Want to know why? These two reviews below do a great job listing how Slack will add business value to your organization.

1. 7 Reasons Why Slack Team Communication Strengthens Our Business

2. 10 reasons why I like Slack and think you should try it

Before I go any further, I know this is a SharePoint blog, consider this post a teaser for the Slack for SharePoint app that will be released soon at the SharePoint online store.

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OK, now to the point. Slack for SharePoint app is built on top of AngularJS. Why? Well, because I am big fan of the framework. Angular’s MVC approach, dependency injection support and 2-way data bindings allows you to get up and running from prototypes to a production version very quickly.  So, before starting development, I ‘googled’ around for a bit and I couldn’t find an AngularJS library or module for the Slack Web API which led to the development of slackapi-angularjs

The “slackapi-angularjs” module includes an Angular service that wraps all the Slack Web API methods. It also provides some helpers for authentication and Token handling. Nothing fancy but hopefully useful.

Documentation and source code are available on GitHub. I’ll try to update the repository often while developing the Slack for SharePoint app.

Code Download:


Since uploading the Slack for AngularJS code to Github, the good guys from Slack were kind enough to list the project on its official community side :

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