SharePoint 2013 Branding – Design Manager: HTML to Master Page

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So, what’s all the buzz about the new SharePoint 2013 Design Manager about? Well, this is a big time saver for anyone doing SharePoint Branding or UI design. Basically, Design Manager allows you to convert an.html file into a functional SharePoint 2013 master page. This means you can create your site designs and later continue changing the SharePoint master page using any Code editor. Please note, this nifty tool is only available when the Publishing Infrastructure feature at the site collection level is enabled.

The Design Manager wizard is divided into 8 sections. In this post I will concentrate in step 4 – Edit Master Pages. For an overview of all the Design manager steps here is a great article I found online:

Tips For Successfully converting your HTML file:
  • Make sure your HTML file is XML-compliant. Keep an eye on possible open HTML tags in your file and the doctype.
  • Remove any < form > tags from your HTML file. SharePoint likes having only one form tag which already wraps all your content
  • Syncing only goes in one direction. HTML file to .master page. Save yourself some headaches and just do not edit the generated .master file. directly.
  • Do not add < style > blocks in the < head > tag. These will be removed by the conversion process.
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