Notes on Trends in Designing Portals For SharePoint 2013 – SPC2014 Video

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VIDEOTrends in Designing Portals For SharePoint 2013

3 Main Topics

+ Building Great Experiences
+ Gaining Adoption
– Post-launch

Trends for Building Great Experiences

Surfacing Dynamic Content

– Adoption of Non-hierarchical site Structures
– Flexible architecture
– Search Driven Content

Making Content Authoring Easier

– Split content authors from design
– Cross Site Publishing
– Scale & performance implications?

Responsive/Adaptive web design

– Targeted experiences ( Devices Channels)
– Better UI for different devices
– Cleaner and faster sites
– Let’s not longer support IE8, please…

Trends for Gaining Adoption

Social Engagement

– Let’s share more LOL cats *sarcasm*  should we let users do it?
– Share knowledge – Use Hash-tags for tagging and discoverability.
– Have goal – “For Every 100 social initiatives 80 do not archive the intended benefits” – Gartner ( Yes, I googled it )

Behavior Base Experiences

– Personalization : preferences, favorites, my sites, my tasks, my content, my documents, my my my. .
– Dynamic experiences based on membership: Location? Department? Group? Role?
– Search is your friend..

Leveraging search:

– Use built in analytics: Popularity Trends (usage details, popular items, etc)
– Search UI is now highly customizable
New Ranking Models and analysis of content and user interactions
– Continuous crawl – almost instant indexing of content but super heavy on servers

Demos in the presentation included on of the 10 Best Intranets of 2014 so I look-up the full list: – Great Read!

Interesting fact from the article, building a solid intranet took on average ~1.5 years by 2014 and 6 years during 2011. It seems that at DEG we do it a lot faster including responsive design and targeted user experiences based on persona analysis, just saying..


Disclaimer: My team and I meet bi-weekly to discussion a pre-selected SharePoint 2014 conference video. The notes on this post are my outline/agenda for the meeting
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