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Intro to Microsoft Graph and the new SharePoint Framework SPFx

by Sway Slides Presentation for Smarter SharePoint KC May 2017 Agenda Microsoft Graph API overview. What is it and how to use it. Office Graph and SharePoint Search. SharePoint Framework SPFx What is it and how to get started.

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Troubleshooting and Optimizing SharePoint Online Performance

SharePoint Background

by Smarter SharePoint User Group Presentation, Kansas City 2016 SharePoint Saturday Kansas City 2016 Session SP Online Performance Tunning Transcript: Agenda SharePoint Online Scalability, Capacity Planning and Load Testing. Diagnosing Performance Issues. Performance Tunning Slow Pages. Navigation botleneck. Reduce Network traffict. Image

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Social Intranet: Yammer and SharePoint Integrations

by This is post contains the code snippets shown during a Smarter SharePoint user group persentation. Event info: June 28 meeting – Integrating Yammer & SharePoint Online to Drive Adoption Download HTML Source Text File for Yammer Embeds Yammer Embed

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Branding SharePoint Office 365 – Implementation Issues & Recommendations

by This is the first part of series of posts concerning Branding for SharePoint Online. I am currently working on a responsive design implementation for a large SharePoint intranet using the full stack of Office 365 features. The design leverages SharePoint Online,

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SharePoint Server 2016 Preview Release Notes

by It’s finally here! Download SharePoint Server 2016 Preview: (About 2.8 GB): What Should you know? Watch this intro video from Microsoft: New role-based installation architecture ( learn more from this SharePoint conference video: What’s new for IT Professionals in

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Automatically resize SharePoint App Parts Iframe in AngularJS

by The Problem: Iframes do not resize height or width automatically Regardless of the hosting type of your SharePoint app (SharePoint Hosted or Provider Hosted), when using App Parts, the SharePoint’s host web site will display your app content/page inside an iframe.

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Introducing Slack API for AngularJS – SharePoint App Coming soon

by Code Download: Hello there, WOW, It has been a while since last time I wrote a post here. I am literally slacking (pun intended). By now I hope you have already heard about Slack. This nifty tool, in my opinion

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SharePoint 2013 Apps Limitations, Disadvantages and Budget Considerations

by In this post I am not going to go in detail of any App Model pros, there is plenty of bias content from Microsoft on the web. It is not secret they are almost forcing people into the cloud

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Notes on SharePoint 2013 Upgrade and Migration – SharePoint Conference 2014 Video SPC410

by VIDEO: The nuts and bolts of upgrading to SharePoint 2013 My main takeaways: + What you need to know about SharePoint Upgrades + Upgrade How To + Cool tools and Cmdlets + Demo What you need to know about SharePoint 2013

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Notes on Trends in Designing Portals For SharePoint 2013 – SPC2014 Video

by VIDEO: Trends in Designing Portals For SharePoint 2013 3 Main Topics + Building Great Experiences + Gaining Adoption – Post-launch Trends for Building Great Experiences Surfacing Dynamic Content – Adoption of Non-hierarchical site Structures – Flexible architecture – Search Driven

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